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February 9th, 2020

  • This is an "Orphan" page. Its core content has not been shared: what you see below is a loose collection of pages and page snippets that mention this page, as well as snippets of this page that were quoted elsewhere.

  • Encrypted blocks are now live on Roam
    • To use them type {{``encrypt}}
    • Example:: {{encrypt:U2FsdGVkX19IGq42nYT82SQysswn/KYSMDPTJFTe/OV3lmF0BBO1MRb54tBZFZAr}}
      • Then choose a hint and passphrase for that block
        • The passphrase for this block is test
      • clicking the lock - or the text area will show you what the sting looks like when sent to us
      • only the hint is stored with Roam - the passphrase never goes to our servers
      • WARNING

        • if you edit the text of the encrypted string - you will likely lose all of the data (only edit it when it is decrypted)
  • Markdown links can be used as aliases for Block References and Bidirectional Links New Features
    • All Men are Mortal
    • Socrates is Mortal
    • If x then y
      • refresh your page if you don't see this
    • Example with aliases for pages
  • New Features - Query component

    • How it works
      • {{query: {and: [[TODO]] 
                   {or: [[Example]] [[Demo]]}}}}
        will return all TODOs 
         that are not also tagged with Example or Demo
      • TODOs which are not Demos or Examples {{query: {and: TODO {not: {or: Demo Example}}}}}

      • How to write Queries in Roam

        • There are three logical operators
          • and
          • or
          • not
        • A query can look for block or page references
        • Queries look like this
        • { {{or: or: | not: | and:}} {{or: 65J8uNv6D} | Example]}} }
        • but they can compose
          • so you can have
            • {{query: {and: [[Questions]] {not: [[important]]}}}}
              • gets you Questions that are not important
              • gets you blocks that are tagged with backlinks OR precise links
February 9th, 2020